"Fashions fade, style is eternal"

Welcome to my blog! If you know me, you understand this project has been in the works for a very long time.

This online space is my happy place and a creative outlet where I can share all of the things I love. Classic, feminine, and romantic style inspired by my travels, vintage and contemporary style icons and film stars, art, music, the seasons, and my mood. 

My recently defended master's thesis investigated the communicative nature of clothing and the nonverbal messages we send to others with what we choose to wear. I found a way to include outfit photos in a nearly 100-page academic piece of scientific writing, motivating me to create something of my own once and for all and share the ways in which style speaks to me.

So, what exactly does style mean to me and how does it differ from fashion? In the words of Yves Saint Laurent, "fashions fade, style is eternal." Fashion is changeable, fleeting, and a sign of the times rather than a sign of your individual expression. Trends may move in and out of your wardrobe, but your personal style and aesthetic remains. Personal style is a consistent physical reflection of your tastes and personality, thoughtfully represented by your choice of dress and the way you choose to carry yourself. It is your “look,” and an outward facing symbol of how you want the world to see you. Through personal style, we decide who we want to be, how we want to feel, and how we want to be perceived. Style isn't as frivolous as many make it out to be. Instead, I believe it is artistic, expressive, and powerful. 

Contrary to popular belief, curating your own sense of style does not require an expansive wardrobe. In fact, my fashion philosophy tends towards the opposite. I buy only what I absolutely love and believe will suit me for years to come. This means investing in high-quality essentials, placing less emphasis on passing trends that I don't actually enjoy, and regularly editing down my closet. 

If I’m not wearing something regularly, I will donate, sell, or alter it. I feel confident and content with a collection of mindfully purchased, well-made pieces that are on frequent rotation. I would rather spend more on a single item that will last years, than on a mass of items that won’t last more than a season. My approach to shopping is thoughtful, intentional, and well researched. I rarely purchase anything on a whim.

This approach to style and shopping is often in the minority amongst mainstream fashion bloggers. Our Instagram-centric society is propelled by a ravenous desire for the next new thing, with fashion being no exception. To me, this cycle of consumption dilutes personal style and authenticity, placing the value on shopping, spending, and owning rather than individual expression. Curating a classic wardrobe of high-quality staples relieves the pressure to shop constantly because there’s never “nothing to wear.” While my idea of the components in a classic wardrobe may differ from yours, this closet method provides an alternative to the “throw away” mentality that seems to engulf much of the blogosphere.

Through The Art of Dressing, I hope to inspire others to build their own version of a classic wardrobe and find joy in the self-expression of dressing. In time, I hope to expand my musings to a broader variety of topics that encompass a stylish life, like beauty, travel, and interiors. For now, thanks for following along and stay tuned for more. 

StyleJamie Lower