My Skincare Routine

As a self-proclaimed skincare aficionado, I get a lot of questions from my friends and family about what I’m using and what I’d recommend for various issues. My product and ingredient knowledge is quite comprehensive, as skincare is something I’ve been committed to and interested in from a very young age. I prefer a minimal makeup look in my day to day life, partly because I put so much effort into taking care of my complexion. I have always loved the ritualistic nature of going through the steps in my skincare routine and the way it feels to indulge in self-care, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day.

My approach to skincare is as follows: I gravitate towards “natural” products, with plant-based, botanical, and if possible, organic formulations. While I certainly believe there’s a lot of fear-mongering going on on the internet, and the word “toxic” is thrown around with reckless abandon, if a natural alternative exists and works well, then why not use it? However, I think it’s always important to see both sides of any health-related opinion and make informed decisions on what is best for you. And of course, what works for me may not work for you.

As a bit of a background on my skin type, it’s combination (oily t-zone and dry/normal elsewhere), prone to sensitivities, redness, and the occasional product-induced rash. Over the years, I’ve learned what works for me and what sort of ingredients I’m comfortable putting on my skin. I adjust my routine when the weather changes and occasionally switch it up when a new product catches my eye, but I finally feel like I have a solid regimen that I'm content with. 

My Skincare Routine

Morning: Cleanse, rotate between this serum or powder sprinkled into my SPF, additional moisturizer if needed seasonally, SPF (always!)

Night: Remove makeup, cleanse, rotate between these two every other night: serum or oil (used in place of moisturizer), light moisturizer or heavy moisturizer as needed seasonally, eye gel or eye cream as needed seasonally, lip balm

Occasional and as needed: Chemical exfoliant, clearing mask, calming mask, sheet mask, lip scrub, eye mask, facial spray, jade roller, chemical peel

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